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Beverly Bites

By Bruce Hoffman

Blissful Beverly Bites

Eateries that will astound your taste buds

By Bruce Hoffman

Bouchon Bistro

Chicken & Waffles

Bouchon Bistro
235 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 271-9910

On my last trip to Los Angeles, fate and friends found me at Bouchon of Beverly Hills for dinner.  I'd heard mention of the place but never with the praise it should have been bestowed. This is one of those havens you must experience before you  can begin to understand it.

Not just simple and elegant, the quality, service and shear art of food-smithing was surprising to me for something in LA, much less the United States. When it comes to my secret "black book" of eating, Le Meurice in Paris had been my go-to, but Bouchon is the closest thing you will ever find to a Parisian Bistro outside of Paris itself.

Their steak is one of the most delicious, mouth-watering and tender steaks I've ever eaten in my life. And truth be told, I'm not even a huge fan of steak to begin with. It's a mystery what they use to marinate, season, or whatever it is they do to it; I just know it works. This is definitely one steak I'll be dreaming about, until I'm back at Bouchon. Whether you live in LA or you are from out of state or abroad, you can't miss dropping by to get a taste of this unearthly experience.

Il Pastaio

Fresh Hand-Made Pasta

Il Pastaio
400 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 205-5444

Easily one of the best Italian restaurant in Southern California, it's worth splitting your shopping trip in Beverly Hills down the middle with a meal here. Despite seeming utterly packed, their staff can get you in and seated at an astonishing speed, even without a reservation. 

Not only do they have a full bar to cool you down after a busy morning, they  make a lunch that will set you right (the lasagna and cobb salad will make you never look back at other lunch favorites). The chefs shine with their efforts to bring you a masterpiece in every dish.

Something must also be said for the ambience as there is an eclectic mix of producers, agents, celebrities and families, as well as hipsters, that frequent the place. All the better, as who wants to be trapped in a stuffed up bow-tie sit-down. It's all about great food, people and a casual experience that leaves you wanting more.  

If you are avoiding the eyes of the paparazzi this may not be the place to hang out. It's the chicest of chic so if you want to see and be seen, Il Pastaio never disappoints with a regular collection of Hollywood elite.

Chaya Brasserie

Lobster & Rock Shrimp

Chaya Brasserie
8741 Alden Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 859-8833

Sometimes when a restaurant is described as "fusion," people go blank and stick to what they know. Enter Chaya Brasserie, the king of the Asian fusion cuisine and a must-try for everyone. If you took everything good about sushi, seafood and the best steakhouse you've ever been to and rolled it all into one location, you will start to understand what Chaya has to offer.

After first coming here for drinks with an associate, I was amazed at the depth of their kitchen, menu and the precision of their service. Who ever heard of a place that can make a sumptuous lamb-burger, a flavorful sushi roll and a knock-out Lobster Ravioli with pesto? Sure, it's easy to be good at a couple of things, but to be amazing across the board—not a simple task. Their chefs make it look easy. And your mouth won't lie when you decide it's simply delicious. 

For a romantic date, an impressive celebration, afternoon drinks or a quick lunch with friends, you will be hard-pressed to find anything that could hold a candle to Chaya Brasserie. You may just find yourself wandering back here before you know it.